Women can help themselves!

Businesswoman balancing work and family(Lewis, 2013)

Managing both work and home for a woman is undoubtly struggling. However, there are some women who have had set examples for other females to balance their life effectively and efficiently.
For example, “Rebecca Marsh, a mother of three children in their youth has set an example by managing her home, children and marriage so well along with her work. She started working at Johnson Space Center\National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in Houston when she was just 19 and trained astronauts while managing her bachelor’s degree too” (Marsh, 2015).
“Another woman, Susie Orman who gave up her job to raise her children stayed doubtful if she was doing it right but she never actually stopped working completely, she kept herself busy in writing and publishing novels. Then later on, she started her own blog and was successful interviewing the women whom she admired- who were successful in balancing their career and personal life” (Giang, 2015).
Many female actors embrace their motherhood without sacrificing their cinematic career. The difference just comes in the type of roles they play and which are offered to them; they transform from the act of young girls to mature sensible women, roles change with their respective images.
The best example can be given of our own mothers. Those children can actually relate very well who have working mothers. Working mothers pass on time management skills to their children and always motivate them to achieve something appreciable in their life. This trait is found less in stay-home moms.
If one is a working woman, she can take inspiration from all the women surrounding her who have undergone similar struggles in their lives. Reading success stories of women can be source of great inspiration for working as well as who are plan to work and move ahead and reach heights of success.

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“Super mom”/”Supper woman”?

work-life-balance1(Tan, n.d.)

If we say that condition of a woman sometimes becomes no less than a circus juggler who must balance a number of balls at a same time making audience laugh alongside with his acts, would it not be unfair, as she too has to manage a number of responsibilities altogether. In short, if a woman has to efficiently work out her office hours, look at her children and give herself time, she would need more than 24 hours, which is anyhow not possible. Therefore, a woman must learn time management to accomplish her title of being a “super mom”. She can drive herself to work or tell her spouse to do so to save time, which is consumed more by usage of public transport. She can hire a full time nanny to care for her children so that she can concentrate more properly on her work and give herself and family more time; have a nice dinner everyday with children and spouse to spend some quality together and discuss day-to-day problems and plans. Help and suggestions of some close friends in case of business matters and children really help. Setting up a weekly schedule also help reduce stress and avoiding last minute hasty decisions. Things at home and even in office can be kept in proper order and at right places to avoid wasting time later in finding things all over the place. Do the right thing at the right time means avoid multitasking; never let children feel that their parents don’t have sufficient time for them leading to negative impacts on their personality and possibility of making mistakes in important office assignments and projects also arise. Becoming a “super mom” is difficult but not impossible. It just needs skills and effective time management to make life easy and better.



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A Tough Battle?

IMG_4054(Bloom, 2013)

With time, the priorities in a woman’s life change and can take a turn either in a positive direction or towards a completely negative one. The women who manage both home and career are never said to lead an easy life. They are not pleased with either of their lives as they think that they are not able to give their 100% to their careers nor domestic lives. They are not able to give time to their children as their time is suppressed with a pile of job responsibilities and further by family workload. But the priorities change from family to job and then from job to children. Maintaining work balance with the shifting responsibilities can become hectic and frustrating sometimes leading to want a woman quit one of these or both at the same time. Stress, handling both, can lead to even depression. But as it has negative outcomes, positive outcomes are also handy. A working woman knows how to manage her finances, take out her family out of any financial stresses if any of them exist. Her education leads her family to a long run, she focuses on educating her children and helping them to lead a better life. Time management becomes an important aspect of her everyday life. She eventually learns how to equally and efficiently divide time between her job, children and family trying to give  100 % in each of the prospective. Unfortunately, a working woman gives a negligible amount of time to herself as she devotes every second of her valuable time to her career and family completely forgetting herself. Being a woman is actually a tough battle to fight.

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Being a Woman is Never Easy

Why its hard to be a Woman(Leisure, 2015)

Being a woman is never easy. It takes patience for a girl to become a woman with a bundle of responsibilities on her shoulders. To start from, how difficult is for a girl to manage her school and to help her family dividing the responsibilities beginning from sharing the household load of her mother and contributing in the upbringing of her siblings. The moments of graduation bring tears of joy and piles of responsibilities increasing day by day. Job life starts giving a head start to her career, making money seems easy but it’s quite tough, managing finances; where to save and where to spend.

Getting perfect with household and becoming an expert chef is somewhat compulsory for a girl to be a good wife, and a good mother according to the family and the society of course. Giving birth to a baby completes her female hood and adds on further to her professional and domestic responsibilities. Getting up early and going to bed late daily becomes a routine. Getting up early and getting ready the child for school, preparing breakfast for the whole family and then rushing to her own work, sometimes even if she goes hungry. It’s only the woman who sacrifices her dream profession for the upbringing of her child followed by many sleepless nights when the child cries and she has to cradle her baby back to sleep no matter how tired she herself is. No man can ever be as strong as a woman to sacrifice his career and balance professional and household world smoothly like a woman.

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How to achieve work life balance being a Woman?

life and work balance

 (MINK, 2016)

 Work-Life balance is an idea of organizing the work and the way you live in your daily routine. It is important for a woman to achieve this balance between work and life, so as to have high level of satisfaction and low stress and depression. In only a couple short decades, the working environment has fundamentally changed. Today, women constitute almost 50% of the workforce. There have never been such a large number of women in initiative positions over the world. What’s more, there has never been such a great amount of discussion being a woman in business. The women, who choose both families and professions, frequently feel the guilt that they are not at home more, but rather a large number of them understand that the feeling of self-esteem and achievement they have earned from their vocations at last improved them and additionally made them motivating moms.


In order to attain work-life balance, it requires sacrifices. It requires sacrificing sleep, some excellent opportunities, and sometimes focusing on important things. However, in some cases, women start neglecting themselves. Sacrificing and neglecting yourself for attaining balance in professional and home life are two different things, because balance is not something that happens on its own. “To keep everybody upbeat, you should invest more energy. It is hard to satisfy your manager, your partner and your children at the same time, so you should ponder how to do it without dissolving into a tangle of destroyed nerves in a folded skirt-suit.” (Penny, 2015)


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